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When you join the Strong Smart Cert, you also get membership to the mastermind and are eligible to be listed as a RS certified trainer on my website. 

After this first year, membership to the mastermind and continued access to all courses, videos and articles is just $197/year. 

This is a special offer as the usual price is $397 upfront then $197/year. 

You can decide to keep or cancel this at any time, but it will re-bill a year from now! 

If you do decide to cancel, you will not be able to regain this discount!
$197 every year
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What's Included?
100s of articles and videos about program design, modifying moves, mindset and nutrition.
monthly live coaching webinars and 24/7 email support from cori.
supportive mastermind group of like-minded trainers there to help guide and support you.
continuing education credits for your cpt and a constantly evolving library.
a trainer listing on redefining strength to help promote your business and endorsement by cori.

My Strong Smart Guarantee

DO NOT BUY THIS CERT if you aren't going to use it! For my complete refund policy, click here.

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